Sunday, October 5, 2014

When I Disappear | Ernie's Musings

When I Disappear | Ernie's Musings

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Every year about this time, I start listening for the call to "Come up
hither!" due to the fall Feasts of the Lord: Rosh Hoshana, Yom Kippur,
and Succot (Feast of Trumpets, Day of Atonement and Feast of
Tabernacles). In His death, burial, resurrection, and sending of the
Holy Spirit at Pentecost, Jesus fulfilled four of seven Feasts of the
Lord. The three remaining have yet to be fulfilled. I could be wrong
(but I have a basis for this), but I believe that the Rapture of the
Church will happen during the Feast of Trumpets, which ended on this
past Friday. Having said that, there is nothing in Scripture that
dictates that the Rapture should happen at this time -- it could happen
at any time -- but that my thinking, for what it's worth.

I wrote this article with that in mind and also because I have loved
ones, my sons and their families in particular, who are completely
unprepared for that event. If they miss it, and they likely will, they
will be facing seven years of hell on earth, but they will still have
the opportunity to repent, place their trust in Christ and be saved. So I
wrote this to prepare them for what will transpire during that time. I
would prefer they come with me when I disappear, but regardless, I want
them to be saved. I expect, that this will be mostly disregarded, but at
least they can refer back to it when the time comes.

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